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About the Authors
Mark Anthony holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. He's an Adjunct Professor at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas, where he teaches Human Nutrition in the Department of Natural Sciences and Science for non-science majors. He is the Former Lab Director at The Institute for Biomedical Research in Austin, Texas, devoted to study of how Coenzyme Q10 impacts health, and has served as a nutrition consultant creating healthy menus for health clubs and restaurants. He is a freelance writer and Technical Editor for Food Processing/Wellness Foods Magazine, where he also serves on the advisory board and is a regular contributor. An active athlete himself, Dr. Anthony frequently works with athletes, helping them to improve their performance. And as a Vietnam veteran (combat medic) and cancer survivor, he is most concerned with the impact of nutrition on maintaining health as we age.

Natalie Zimmerman holds undergraduate degrees in Microbiology and English from the University of Texas at Austin and completed coursework towards a PhD in Immunology from Washington University. Beginning her research career as an undergraduate at UT, she worked in the fields of yeast-cell biology, virology, and completed an internship at MD Anderson Cancer Center studying cancer biology. As a graduate student at Washington University she spent time as a researcher in the fields of autoimmunity and immune signaling. She is interested getting nutrition out of the lab and into the community where it can empower people and improve their health and overall quality of life. 

All the illustrations found on this website are the work of artist Nell Floeter. Nell studied Fine Arts at the University of Arizona and has worked as an illustrator for over 25 years.  Her work has been featured in numerous children's books.  Examples of her work can be found at